Signs For Single Men That You Are Dating a Psycho

Men, when you are hitting the dating scene again, there are going to be a number of women you are going to run into; the clingy, the casual sex ones, and of course, the psycho ones that should really be avoided at all costs. These women offer early warning signs for men and you will find that women typically are not born this way and obtain the attitude and psycho ways over time whether it’s from being hurt time after time or being rejected numerous times. Women typically are like this as a result of being played one too many times by guys.

Regardless of the reason, there are a number of them on the market that seem to be a good catch, and then once you start dating them the signs start to surface themselves. Any chick that is unmarried can tend to be a little psycho at times especially if she is looking for the right guy to marry and settle down with and start a family with. They often feel they are not wife material or that they are not good enough for a man. Here are a few things to watch out for.


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She Throws a Tantrum

If you have a night planned to play poker with the guys or do anything with the buddies, she is going to have something to say about it and it’s not going to be pretty. In the beginning she may be OK with it, but the longer you are dating her, the worse off these fits are going to get as she feels your attention should be focused on her and her alone. You can either try or work through this with her, or you can leave her and run the opposite direction.

She Is Doing Everything

She wants to be at your beckon call. She wants to do all the cooking, the cleaning, and the ironing, hand you tools you need for your work in the garage, and so much more. She is trying to toy with your emotions and there are underlying issues here that she is going to address at the right time that will explode. She becomes clingy and this can be an issue with her self-esteem. While there are women who enjoy doing things like this for their guys, some take it to the extreme which can be a bit much.

She Says I Love You Too Suddenly

So you two have been dating for a few weeks and all of a sudden after a romantic dinner she pops the “L” word. That’s right! She loves you! There are only two reasons why any woman would do his and one is to manipulate your emotions or that they cannot control their own emotions. Saying it first to you or even in the first few weeks can lead you to think there are going to be more underlying issues that you need to watch out for and get out while you can.

Dating a psycho girlfriend never ends well and these are the type of women that argue just to yell at you. There never really is a reason, and soon enough you are married and things are a million times worse. Get out while you can, and spend your time looking for that right woman.